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What is Greater Space?
Greater Space is an innovative mental & professional health care solution specifically designed for educators & others in helping professions.

Staff meet with their preferred practitioner and discuss whatever they need to in order to be at their best for their students, colleagues or clients. 

Our mental health practitioners have worked in the classroom or related fields, and are also mental health practitioners - so we can help with a broad range of issues either related to your work, or beyond.

Our PD services are bespoke, delivered by experts and can be booked easier and faster than most of the PD available.

Our mental health sessions have been rated by our clients as more useful than an EAP, external PD, internal supervision or even a day off. And our clients report that what they reflect on in our sessions allows them to be more effective with their students.

It's a service designed by experienced practitioners,
that's why it works.
Sessions fit in your work day 
Booked online at your convenience
Online or in-person

Greater Space mental health practitioners have classroom & school leadership experience combined with mental health expertise to help you be at your best for yourself and your students.

Greater Space specialists are experts in their field. Ready to help you when you need it, and ready to help you apply their expertise to your specific context.

Want more information?

Find a time that works for you in our calendar below.

We'll call you for an obligation free chat.

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