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Greater Space Specialists
Each practitioner has a suite of skills that can help you be at your best.
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Melanie Henry

M-Teach, M-Learning Interventions


Evidence based literacy interventions for older students

o Professional development around evidence-based literacy instruction for older students, including

o Effective instructional practices, resources and how to use them

o Planning for a wide range of student abilities

o Response to Intervention (RtI) and Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)

o Selection of assessments for use by teachers

o Review of assessments and allied health reports for

o IEP planning

o Recommendations for modifications and adjustments

o Planning and leading teacher professional development for sustainable change

o Mainstream and alternative settings

Benji Gersh

M-Teach, M-Couns


Evidence based insight to trauma & therapeutic approaches

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o Trained Neuro-sequential Model In Education (NME) Trainer through Bruce Perry's ChildTrauma Academy - insights into mapping growth in trauma recovery

o Understanding and addressing challenging behaviours in classrooms

o Using therapeutic modalities to plan for student behavioural intervention

o Translating 'trauma-informed' PD into practise

o Schoolwide approaches to therapeutic practise

o Effective therapeutic supervision for staff & leadership

o Culturally sensitive training for staff

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